Online Gambling in Georgia: an Expert Guide

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Our Guide to Online Gambling in Georgia

Georgia only offers residents state regulated lottery, charity gambling, and gambling cruise ships so there are very few gambling choices for residents. It is safe to say that most of the residents of Georgia are either traveling to other states to satisfy their gambling needs or gambling on the internet.

Before taking part in internet gambling, state of Georgia residents should familiarize themselves with state gambling laws and trusted internet gambling websites. This page brings you the best in internet gambling sites and a review of state gambling laws. At this website, we do not claim to be lawyers and laws are constantly changing, so please contact a lawyer about anything you are unsure about.

2021's Best Online Gambling Sites for Georgia Players

We’ve listed our favorite casinos, sportsbooks and poker sites accepting players from Georgia below. Pick a site and start playing!

Georgia Online Gambling FAQ

Georgia Online Gambling Law

The state of Georgia has placed strict age restrictions on players who wish to gamble online or offline. Residents of Georgia that are 18 are permitted to play bingo, the state lottery, participate in charitable raffles and play bingo online. Georgia residents that are 21 are allowed to gamble in online casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms.


Georgia is very ill disposed toward online gambling, but it does not have a law that forbids online gambling.

There are parts of the law that refer to a gambling device or machine as being illegal and forbid the distribution of gaming related information. This means that anyone who runs or operates a gambling website in Georgia can face criminal charges, but that does not include players. Many times internet gamblers may choose a website that is illegal in their state without knowing. Georgia does not look to charge the players of the sites only the owners or operators.


We bring our readers the best websites for internet gambling that accept Georgia residents. We have used these sites for our own entertainment and find them to be very entertaining and offer various games and deposit options.

State of Georgia residents will find these advised online gambling sites to be secure and legitimate. For exciting gambling fun residents of Georgia cannot go wrong with one of our suggested online gambling sites.

Georgia residents never have to worry about the legality of our advised internet casinos because they are legal and safe. Our suggested online casinos offer some amazing bonuses, awesome games, and free registration. Entertain yourself with our vast assortment of game like card games, slots, table games, and more. Our sites always accept residents of Georgia and are legal.


We offer Georgia residents the best internet sports betting sites available that accept Georgia residents.

No matter what your sport is you can find it on our online sportsbooks. Online sportsbooks that are suggested here are legitimate secure sites meant for Georgia residents to wager on their favorite sporting events. These sites offer live and mobile betting as well as apps for tablets and phones so you can have access to our sportsbetting action from anywhere.


Poker fans from Georgia will love our online poker rooms. Our suggested poker rooms offer beginner to advance play, weekly tournaments, secure depositing options, and tips to help improve your game.

Our sites are always accepting Georgia residents and offer easy, free registration and a welcome bonus with your first deposit. The sites we advise for Georgia residents are legitimate, legal, safe, and offer 24-hour customer service. If you have any issues with the online poker room you choose you can call customer service any time to help with issues and quick, easy solutions.


Online bingo has been available on the internet to Georgia residents for many years. Our internet bingo sites accept Georgia residents and are legal and secure.

You can play for real money at our suggested internet bingo sites. Choose from a wide range of bingo cards and levels of play, and play in bingo tournaments. View our suggested online bingo sites today for some of the most entertaining and exciting online bingo action available to Georgia residents.


There are two steps to take to play safely online when gambling. One is to make sure you are aware of the gambling laws in the state of Georgia so you do not violate state gambling laws. If you are a Georgia resident who is an internet gambler you are not in violation of state gambling laws and online gambling is safe from this standpoint.

The second step to safe internet gambling is making sure the gambling websites you use are legitimate and legal. To make sure these sites are legal online gambling Georgia residents should choose the sites we advise them of on this page.


The state of Georgia does not prohibit or bar online gambling in any way so you cannot go to jail for gambling online in the state of Georgia.

There are not any written laws that make online gambling illegal and you cannot be arrested for simply gambling online. If you have other questions about online betting for Georgia residents, read through our GA gambling FAQ above.


For those Georgia residents looking to gamble in-person, you are nearly out of luck.

There are no land-based casinos or gambling locations in the Peach State. However, the Emerald Princess Casino cruise operates out of Brunswick, Georgia.

The cruise ship takes day and evening trips out to international waters, where casino gaming is allowed. Brunswick is a coastal community south of Savannah, near the popular Sea Islands.

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