High Limit Sports Betting

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Much like online casinos and poker rooms, sports betting sites tend to focus on recreational players instead of professional bettors or die-hard high-rollers. Unfortunately, this is often reflected in low betting limits, particularly on US-facing sites. Those limits usually don’t exceed $5,000, even when it comes to the most popular leagues like NFL, NHL and NBA. Even worse, most sites reserve the right to lower those limits even further at their own discretion, which thankfully happens mostly to professional, price-trading bettors. However, there are a few huge European sites that can be considered an exception to this rules. Those high limit online betting sites usually allow you to bet as much as $50,000 on a single game, but the exact numbers tend to differ from one sport to another.

High Limit Online Betting Sites

Sports Betting Limits

Whether you’re playing on a high-roller friendly site or not, each sport and event is more than likely to come with a separate set of betting limits. The most popular sports tend to allow for the highest wagers, particularly when it comes to betting on a major event. The difference between a season-ending match in an important league and an exotic event can be as massive as $15,000 and $1,000 respectively, which means that high rollers should definitely set their sights on the most popular sports. What’s more, live bets tend to have significantly lower limits – most sites won’t allow you to wager more than $500 if the match is already under way.

Best High Stakes Sports Betting Sites

As mentioned above, European betting sites tend to offer higher betting limits when compared with their US-facing counterparts. However, American players will be able to bet as much as $15,000 on sites like Bovada, BetOnline and 5dimes, which still allows for plenty of over the top high-rolling action. Below, I’ve listed some of the best European sites that offer the highest betting limits, while remaining reliable and always paying on time:

    • Pinnacle Sports: Maximum Bet: $40,000. Does not lower limits for professional bettors.
    • Bet365: Maximum Winnings: $1,000,000 for Soccer and Horse Racing; $100,000 for Cricket; $500,000 for MLB; $250,000 for Golf. Lower limits for arbitrage players.
    • Ladbrokes: Maximum Bet: $500,000. Limits lowered for professional, price-trading bettors
    • William Hill: Maximum Bet: $500,000. Does not lower limits for professional bettors
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