Online MMA Betting in India: an Expert Guide

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Mixed Martial Arts was relatively unknown to mainstream audiences back in the early nineties, but the success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) allowed this exciting combat sport to gain a widespread following over the past decade. This, of course, spawned a lot of online sports betting opportunities headlined by UFC betting. Similar to boxing, UFC online betting options range from simple options, like just picking the winner, to the actual method of winning the fight, which round the fight will be won and things of that nature—Read our guide to learn everything you need to know before betting on UFC fights.

Our UFC online betting guide covers:

  • Top MMA betting sites
  • Different MMA betting bet types
  • Recommended UFC online betting strategies
  • FAQ about how to bet on UFC fights

Our experts have compiled a list of the industry’s best sites for Indian players to bet on MMA fights:   

Online MMA Bet Types

MMA Moneylines

MMA Moneylines

Wager on who will win the fight

A moneyline for MMA fighting is simple – bet on who you think will win.

A moneyline bet is an option you will see at every sportsbook. You are simply betting on which fighter will win. For example, Conor McGregor was favored at -325 to beat Donald Cerrone, who comes in a +250 underdog. In this UFC online betting scenario for McGregor, you would win ₹30.77 on a ₹100 bet if he wins. For Cerrone, you would win ₹250 on a bet of ₹100 if he were to win.

The symbols will tell you who the favorite and underdog is. A positive symbol means that fighter is the underdog and a negative symbol if for the favorite.

MMA Over/Unders Betting

MMA Over/Unders Betting

Bet on how many rounds the fight goes

When placing an over/unders bet for MMA or UFC fights, you’re typically betting on how many rounds the fight will last.

An over/under wager in MMA betting means you are betting on the number of rounds a fight will go. A fight might have an over/under of 2.5 for a three-round fight. You would bet on whether you think the fight will end before halfway through the final round, or if it will go beyond that. Remember, there are also five-round fights, so keep that in mind.

MMA Parlay Betting

MMA Parlay Betting

Wager on the total number of points scored in a game, by both NBA teams

Make multiple bets on the outcome of multiple fights, a tournament or a championship

Parlays mean you are betting multiple wagers on one ticket. You might bet the moneyline on two fights, but take the over/under in another fight. However, you would have to hit on all three wagers to collect on the whole ticket. If one of those wagers does not hit, then the ticket is null and void. Parlays offer a higher payout than individual bets because the risk in much higher.

Recommended Online MMA Betting Strategy

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Study the Craft

By ‘study’, we don’t suggest you hunker down with a book, however, there are many ways to familiarize yourself with MMA fighting. Look at it this way—Many MMA fighters train in gyms that the public can access. Obviously, many big-name MMA fighters have personal, private training sessions, but many fighters have ‘day jobs’ are train and (albeit intense) gyms like you and me.

Take a look at the fighters’ social media account, videos, and if possible, check out their gym—MMA is a bit more transparent compared to major league sports like NBA basketball or NHL hockey, which can give you a slight edge.

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How big is the cage (or ring)? What is the fighting style?

Although it might sound silly, it’s knowing the details that can really help you make a well-informed MMA/UFC bet. The octagonal cage is more common and the gold-standard for UFC fights, but if you’re watching MMA in an amateur league or other leagues outside the UFC, many still use a ring. Because of the design, rings tend to benefit striking-based fighters or fights—It’s much harder to back someone into a corner than in a circular ring. The UFC has octagonal rings for this reason, since it helps eliminate the ‘cut off the ring’ fighting strategy many boxers use.

Another helpful cage fact to know (or be familiar with) is the cage size. The UFC uses two cage sizes, a 746-square foot cage (about 30-feet across) and a 518-square foot cage (about 25-feet across).

Obviously, the bigger ring leaves the fighters’ more room to move around, and a smaller ring can often mean a quicker fight—If you’re making an over/unders bet, this is helpful to know.


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Have a favourite fighter? Don’t bet on them

Unless the odds are in their favor, but for the most part, don’t blindly bet on your favourite fighter. Sometimes, historical wins aren’t the best data to base your bet on—Let’s remember Rhonda Rousey’s swift switch from winning to losing.

Have a favourite, but don’t base your bet on it, unless the data skews in their favor.

Online MMA Betting FAQs

MMA Betting FAQ

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