Razz Poker Online in India: an Expert Guide

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If you’re looking to mix up your next poker night, grown tired of classic 7 card stud, and there are no World Series of Poker reruns on, razz poker may be for you.

One of the oldest poker variants, razz games first became popular when the standard deck grew up 20 to 52 cards. It’s also the “R” in the poker “H-O-R-S-E” mixed game.

This guide will walk you through the basic rules of razz poker, play out a sample hand and share some simple strategy and tips for beginners.

  • Razz Poker rules
  • How to play Razz Poker
  • Basic Strategy and Tips

Where to Play Razz Poker Online

Here are the online casinos our team of experts recommend Indian players use for playing Razz Poker online:

Razz Poker Rules

The main differences between 7-card stud and Razz poker are the player who starts the action of the first betting round, the player who bets first in every other round and the fact that lowest cards hand wins the pot at the end, otherwise known as showdown. Remember, the best Razz hand is 5-4-3-2-Ace, known as the wheel.

The primary rule difference between 7 card stud and Razz is that the objective is to make the lowest 5 card hand possible.

Note: in a 500/1,000 stud game the small bet is 500 and the big bet is 1,000. The ante is typically 10% of the big bet, or .

The Deal & Betting Rounds

  • Before the cards are dealt, each player tosses in an ante.
  • You receive two cards face down and one card face up (door card).
  • A round of betting begins with the highest-ranked face up card – the highest cards are Jack-Queen-King … Ace is lowest.
    • In stud, the player with the lowest-ranked face up card goes first.
  • The person with this card must make a “bring in” bet which is typically half of the typical limit bet, which would be ₹500 OR you really like your hand, you can just ‘bring” in a whole ₹1,000 bet and avoid people raising the half and eventually completing the who bet a minute later.
  • Once all bets are in, 4th street is when you receive a fourth card, face up. Now, betting begins with the player who receives the lowest card. All bets must be ₹500.
  • This happens against on 5th street and 6th street, but players must bet ₹1,000 in each round.
  • 7th street is when you receive your last card, but this is one is face down and a round of betting ensues with the ₹1,000 stake.
  • If there are two-or-more players still in the game, the showdown applies when all players show their hands and lowest hand possible wins the pot.

Basic Strategy and Tips for Razz Poker

  • The best hand you can snag is Ace-2-3.
  • To make it easier, straights and flushes are not acknowledged.
  • There are no qualifying hands, which means hands that would be considered very strong in 7-card stud could also win in Razz, despite being a “higher” hand.
  • You only really want to play hands that start without any pairs and no cards higher than 8. You want to do your best to avoid making pairs and observing other players’ face up cards can help you figure out those odds.
  • In some instances, it makes sense to “bully” other players’ out of a hand with an aggressive raise when their face-up hole card is lower than their competitors.
  • Only play at reputable poker sites.

More Razz Poker Tips

Anti pair 2 Green cards spade face up

No Pairs or Cards Above 8

While this rule isn’t a one-sized fits all rule, it’s a good rule of thumb. If you have cards higher than eight, or a pair(s), you may want to consider folding.

a pair of green binoculars

Pay Attention to your Opponents

You’re trying to avoid pairs & high cards, and you’re all playing from the same deck. Keeping an eye on what other players are showing face-up is a good way to help inform probability & decision-making.

a green coach's playbook icon

Calculated Aggression is Key

In some instances, such as if you have a big bankroll or love your cards, it makes sense to “bully” other players’ out of a hand with an aggressive raise when their face-up hole card is lower than their competitors.

Razz Poker FAQs

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