Online Bitcoin Gambling in India 2021

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Bitcoin is quickly becoming the currency of choice for gambling online. From faster speeds to greater reliability, there are numerous advantages to gambling with Bitcoin over traditional currencies. Ready to get started?In our guide to online gambling with Visa, we’ll cover:

  • The best Indian sites accepting Bitcoin deposits
  • The Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin for online gambling
  • How to deposit at an online casino using Bitcoin and how you’ll be billed
  • How to withdraw from a casino online using Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin safety and security
  • Other deposit methods to consider for online gambling

Best Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

If you want to gamble online using Bitcoin, you’ll want a safe, secure site that processes Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals quickly. Here are our favorite casino sites that accept Bitcoin:

Pros and Cons of Using Bitcoin for Online Gambling

While Visa (and credit cards in general) tend to be the default method for most India-facing online casinos given their popularity and high acceptance rates, it’s worth noting that each casino has different minimum deposit & withdrawal requirements for each payment method, so as always, we’d recommend reading the fine print.

Bitcoin Pros

  • Higher limits for withdrawals and deposits
  • Many sites offer great bonuses for depositing with Bitcoin
  • No processing fees
  • Instant transactions

Bitcoin Cons

  • Might be intimidating to those not technologically inclined
  • Some casinos don’t accept Bitcoin

How to Deposit at a Casino Online with Bitcoin

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1. Choose a Casino that Accepts Bitcoin

Select your Bitcoin casino and sign up for an account.

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2. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Select and set up a Bitcoin wallet, which is how you will manage and send your Bitcoin.

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3. Buy Bitcoin from an Exchange & Deposit

Select an exchange and purchase Bitcoin using your credit card or bank transfer.

4. Deposit Bitcoin into your Casino Account

Deposit your Bitcoin to the casino, using your unique deposit address, found on the casino’s Deposit page. Your deposit should be ready immediately.

Bitcoin Billing at Casinos Online

One of the many pros to using Bitcoin at online casinos is the level of anonymity you have. There isn’t really any billing that comes with using Bitcoin at online gambling sites as it isn’t connected to your bank account or credit card. Don’t put any personal details in your Bitcoin wallet and these transactions won’t be traced back to you.

How to Withdraw from a Casino Site Using Bitcoin

Here are the typical steps you can expect to encounter when withdrawing from a casino site using a Bitcoin card:

Request a Withdrawal

Head to the casino’s withdrawal page, choose your amount, and select Bitcoin as your intended method.

Generate Bitcoin Wallet Address

Check your Bitcoin wallet address, confirm and it and send the address to the online gambling site.

Process Withdrawal and Receive Funds

Finish the transaction and receive your bitcoins almost immediately. It’s that simple!

Using Bitcoin for Online Gambling: Safety and Security

Bitcoin is highly lauded for its security features. The encryption that comes with Bitcoin transaction is top of the line, and these transactions are largely unable to be traced to back to you, which is great. Meanwhile, you receive larger bonuses for making deposits with Bitcoin, so it works out for everyone.

You also have to check on the casino’s end to make sure they’re doing all they can to keep your transactions secure. Make sure you can see the padlock icon right by the website address to confirm that it is safe.

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