Play Bingo Online in India: An Expert Guide

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A classic that nearly everyone is familiar with, playing bingo online has become just as popular as the traditional version. India players love bingo; the game is popular in parties and social gatherings, and also goes by the names ‘housie’ and ‘tambola’.

In our guide to playing bingo online, we’ll cover:

  • Where to play bingo online
  • The rules of online bingo
  • What a bingo card looks like
  • Online bingo FAQs

Where to Play Bingo Online

Here are our favourite sites for Indian players to play online bingo:

Online Bingo Rules

Bingo is just as straightforward as you remember it from childhood:

  • Each player gets a card with a grid of numbers
  • The caller (or dealer) randomizes numbers and calls them out to the players
  • If you have a number called by the caller, you mark it on your card
  • Once a player has the required winning pattern(s), they’re the winner

Other Bingo Rules to Remember

While bingo is a very straightforward game, there are a few additional rules you should keep in mind while playing:

  • The caller will continue to call numbers until somebody wins – unlike the lottery, nobody in the field winning is not an option
  • Multiple winners are possible. Especially if you’re in a large lobby, it’s entirely possible that multiple players will complete their winning pattern on the same number. In this instance, the prize is split evenly.
  • There are multiple ways to win. More on winning patterns in a moment, but be aware that straight lines are not the only way to win a game of bingo.
  • Each possibly letter-number combo is put into a random-number-generator machine, and are released randomly one-by-one until there is a winner.
a blue bingo card

The Online Bingo Card


As with bingo at a physical casino, online bingo cards are grids of numbers with columns headed by each letter in the word bingo. This groups the numbers together.

  • B will have five numbers, ranging from 1-15
  • I will have five numbers, ranging from 16-30
  • N contains a free space in the center plus four numbers, ranging from 31-45
  • G will have five numbers, ranging from 46-60
  • O will have five numbers, ranging from 61-75

The end result is a grid of letter-numbers that will look something like this:

While themes and presentation may range by online casino and game variation, most online bingo games follow this format.

Winning Bingo Patterns

There are a number of winning patterns on a bingo card that can result in you taking home the jackpot, and the payout may vary by each type. Remember to always check the details on your specific casino or game to make sure you understand the rules. Here are the most common winning combinations in online bingo:

Straight Line

Virtually all bingo games will crown a winner if that player is able to complete 5 square in a straight line. This can be done vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

X Pattern

Some bingo games will offer a specific jackpot if a player is able to complete an X pattern on their bingo card.

Four Corners

Similar to the X pattern, some bingo games offer players a reward for completing the four outer-most boxes on their card.

Like we mentioned, these are simply the most popular winning patterns – be sure to check your specific game for all the available patterns that may help you win the jackpot.


Online Bingo FAQ

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