Online Gambling with Cash Transfer in Canada

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No matter how you refer to it, cash transfer, bank transfer or wire transfer, the online casino deposit method remains one of the most popular among players. The safety and security of transferring your money to and from your primary financial institution provides peace of mind, all the time.

In our guide to online gambling with cash transfer, we’ll cover:

  • The best Canadian sites accepting these deposits
  • The pros and cons of using transfers
  • How to transfer deposit at a casino site using and how you’ll be billed
  • How to withdraw from a casino site using a transfer
  • Cash Transfer safety and security
  • Other deposit methods to consider 

Best Online Casinos Accepting Cash Transfer

The best part of cash transfer is that most gambling sites accept it as both a deposit and withdrawal banking method. Here are our favourite online casinos accepting wire transfers:

Pros and Cons of Using Cash Transfer for Online Gambling

No matter which banking method you decide on, each will come with pros and cons as there isn’t one perfect system in place. However, our most recommended banking option is Bitcoin due to the uber-quick processing times, safety and the fact that most casinos embrace the cryptocurrency so much that they offer players significant cash bonuses.

Cash Transfer Pros

  • Most online casinos accept cash transfers
  • Safety and security from your financial institution
  • Direct deposit cash access (no middle man)
  • No need for a third-party vendor product

Cash Transfer Cons

  • Many Canadian banks will approve of wire transfer
  • Cash transfers are known to come with notable processing fees
  • Additional forms, account information may be required
  • Keep an eye on deposit minimum requirements

How to Deposit at a Casino Site with Cash Transfer

a green band of cash

1. Choose a Casino that Accepts Cash Transfer

The good news is most gambling sites accept cash transfers, but some players from the Canada may run into some resistance. Be sure to check out our casino reviews to find additional banking methods. Once you’ve decided on a casino, it’s time to sign up for a FREE account. These instructions are the same for sports betting sites, as well as online poker rooms.

a hand depositing cash into a machine

2. Visit the Deposit Page and Select Cash Transfer

After registering and verifying your account, which should take no more than 5 minutes, it’s time to hit the casino deposit page, also known as the cashier. Each site’s homepage dashboard is unique, but the deposit page can be found via the main menu or navigation bar near the top of the page. Once there, you’ll see a full list of deposit options and can select cash transfer.

a green cash bill being entered into a machine

3. Confirm the Deposit Details

Deposit details via bank wire are a little different than other methods because you’ll need to provide your checking or savings routing and account numbers, in addition to some other unique banking details like Swift codes. If you don’t know it, simply contact your bank for that information. This is why it’s so important that your online casino is SSL encrypted when transmitting this information over the internet.

Billing at Casino Sites

Note that it’s common practice for casino sites to appear on a banking transaction log under a different name or doing business as (DBA). So, after making a first deposit, you’ll likely see a parent company rather than the identical name of the casino you sent money to. Don’t be alarmed. For example, if you deposit $500 into Joe Casino 24/7, but see on your bill that $500 went to Best Casino Ever LLC, it’s likely the same company. Should you have questions about how deposits will appear on your records, we suggest you reach out to the customer support available at the casino.

How to Withdraw from an Online Casino Using Cash Transfer

No matter how you refer to it, cash transfer, bank transfer or wire transfer, the online casino deposit method remains one of the most popular among players. The safety and security of transferring your money to and from your primary financial institution provides peace of mind, all the time.

Regardless of which withdrawal banking method you choose, casino sites want your cash out experience to be an enjoyable one. While bank wires are great, we reiterate our preference of using Bitcoin for online gambling payouts as it’s much faster and safer with fewer fees.

Here are the typical steps you can expect to encounter when withdrawing from a casino site using a cash transfer:

Request a Withdrawal

Simply head back to the casino cashier or withdrawal page – located under the main menu or navigation – choose the amount you want to take out and select cash transfer / bank wire / wire transfer from the list of options.

Confirm Your Information

Before processing a withdrawal, some casino sites may require that you verify your identity. Whereas submitting an application, form or picture scan of your personal I.D. are common, many casinos have also implemented a four-digit pass code that you set up during registration. The casino may have you punch that code in before submitting your request.

Process Withdrawal and Receive Funds

The exact amount of time it’ll take for your casino to process your request is typically 1-to-2 business days, while the cash transfer may take 2-3 more with a fee ranging between $10-$50, on average. The customer support squad can help with any further questions in this regard.

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Using Cash Transfer: Safety and Security

At the end of the day, cash transfer, bank wires and the like are an extremely popular method of banking at online casinos. Why? Because this option provides a direct line of site from a trusted financial institution, your bank, to a safe and secure gambling website. How do you know your casino is safe when it comes to handling sensitive personal and financial information? Ensure the site is SSL encrypted, which can be verified by locating the little padlock near the address bar.

On the off chance that your bank or financial institution blocks the bank wire request, do not worry as you won’t lose your money or face any legal consequences.

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