How to Make a Casino Deposit with Bitcoin

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Now that you own Bitcoin and have it safely stored in your wallet, it’s time to make your first deposit, and we’ve outlined the steps below. The deposit process is generally the same on all sites, but we’ve included videos below with specific deposit instructions for some of our favorite casinos.

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Depositing Bitcoin at Bovada

Depositing Bitcoin at Café Casino

Depositing Bitcoin at Other Casinos

As you’ve probably noticed from the videos above, depositing bitcoin at an online casino is generally the same, no matter which casino you’re using. While the specifics may change slightly, there are really only two main steps to keep in mind: finding and copying the deposit address and sending bitcoin there from your wallet.

Copying the Deposit Address

While every casino is slightly different, the process to deposit Bitcoin is largely the same. After you’ve set up your casino account, navigate to the Deposit page. Here you’ll see the list of deposit options, where you’ll select Bitcoin. You’ll be given a deposit address (a long string of text and/or a QR code), which is where you will send your Bitcoin. Copy that address to your clipboard.

Sending Bitcoin from Your Wallet

Now that you have the casino’s deposit address, you’ll need to send Bitcoin from your wallet to that address. In your Exodus (or other) wallet, go to Bitcoin and then click Send. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to send and your casino’s deposit address that you just copied. Double-check that the address is correct as Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. Click Send, and once your transaction has been confirmed (which can take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the load on the Bitcoin network) your casino account will be funded.

With your casino account funded, you can now start gambling with Bitcoin!

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